About MBK

MBK Analytics, LLC, is directed by Margaret (Meg) Blume-Kohout, PhD, an applied microeconomist and policy analyst with research and consulting experience spanning academia, government, and industry.


Dr. Blume-Kohout’s work focuses on the evaluation and measurement of social and economic outcomes that arise from public investments. Her recent projects have examined the effects of changes in federal funding levels on a variety of outcomes, including:

» university patenting, private sector R&D investments, industry alliances, technology transfer, and academic entrepreneurship;
» human capital and labor market outcomes, including graduate students trained, retention of new PhDs in the U.S. scientific workforce,  and diversity in STEM fields employment; and
» scientific advances, as measured by quality and novelty of journal publications and emergence of new research topics.

Dr. Blume-Kohout earned her PhD in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School, and also holds a MS in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley and a BA in Economics from Williams College.



Dr. Blume-Kohout’s professional experience includes health economics contract research, strategic management consulting, ‘bench science’ in environmental epidemiology, and large-scale epidemic modeling with the Los Alamos National Laboratory EpiSims project. As a Doctoral Fellow at the RAND Corporation from 2004-2009, she participated in several research and evaluation projects for federal agencies. Finally, she has accumulated five years of university teaching experience, most recently as a tenure-track professor at the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Blume-Kohout also currently serves as Senior Research Economist for the New Mexico Consortium (NMC), a non-profit organization leveraging scientific expertise across the three New Mexico research universities and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for collaborative research initiatives in biosciences and biomedical engineering, advanced computing, and modeling and analysis. At NMC, Dr. Blume-Kohout leads efforts to evaluate economic impact of scientific R&D policies.