The MBK Approach

Effective decision making requires adaptive strategies grounded in solid evidence. MBK’s research and consulting services are customized to your organization’s needs, to ensure that your goals are met and your questions are answered.

At MBK Analytics, we recognize that effective policy solutions rarely come in standardized, “one size fits all” packages. Our responsive, client-driven analyses are tailored to your organization’s specific objectives, generating evidence and clear direction you can rely on for executive, programmatic, and policy decisions.

We earn your confidence and trust by using the tools, models, and methods most appropriate to address the questions at hand. Some examples of these tools of our practice include:

» Applied microeconomic analysis, including cost-benefit analysis
» Econometrics, statistical analysis, and quantitative modeling
» Computational simulations and network analysis
» Textual analysis, qualitative coding, and knowledge discovery
» Systematic historical-comparative case studies
» Workshop, meeting, and focus group facilitation